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MC Shem – WitchCraft In An African Home [Comedy Video]



MC Shem – WitchCraft In An African Home – (Duration: 10:06)
>> The world, today, is troubled. Many are afraid of the things going on. Human value has been demeaned and people are not sure what happens next. While leaders subject their citizens to hardships, terrorists visit the defenceless with horrific violence.
But in the face of all these challenges that have recoloured the world’s landscape, there’s hope for a better tomorrow. Oba Esugbayi, a stage play by Joseph Edgar’s Duke of Shomolu Production, seems to give the world the kind of leader it needs during such a challenging period.
Written and directed by William Benson, the story of Oba Eshugbayi takes the audience through a web of injustice associated with colonial rule.

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