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Bastard In A Suit – Chapter Ten [Online Ebook]



Duke’s eyes flicker with a glimmer of mischief before he yanks on my wrist, turns me around, and bends me over his desk. My palms land flat against the surface, my cheek pressed into a stack of paper.
His hand slides down the back of my leg. “You are an incredibly presumptuous young lady.” He tugs on the edge of my skirt and then pulls it upright, exposing black lace underwear that barely covers my ass. He sucks in a gasp. “Did you think you could tell me how to run my business without consequence?”
My breath hitches. “I—”
He silences me with a hiss. “You do not have permission to speak.” He hooks his fingers into the waistband of my panties and tugs at them so hard they tear. I feel what’s left of them slide down my thighs.
hard they tear. I feel what’s left of them slide down my thighs.
His voice is deep and rumbling as he growls his verdict. “And you must be punished for your impudence.”
Before I can ask what he means, his palm connects with my bare ass.
What the hell?
I bite my lip so as not to cry out as the sting ripples all the way up my spine. He spanks me again, this time harder. His hand lingers, fingers trailing dangerously close to my pussy. I’m too shocked to protest. My body wars with wanting him to stop and needing more.
“Again,” he says, and I close my eyes, bracing for whatever comes next. My skin hums under his touch. I chew on the inside of my cheek hard enough to draw blood. It shouldn’t, but my arousal grows stronger with each swift paddle across my ass.
My pussy is already dripping from the excitement of it all.
He leans close, pressing his hard cock into me through the fabric of his trousers. His breath whispers across my neck. “You’ve been a very bad girl. But you took your punishment very well.”
Am I supposed to thank him?
His hands move to my waist and he spins me around. Blood rushes to my head. He grabs my ass and lifts me onto the desk.
“What…what are you doing?” I stammer.
He wheels a chair around and sits. “I’m going to reward you…”
Right. Okay. I swallow hard.
Everything happens so fast. He pries my legs wide and pushes on my stomach until I’m flat on my back across the desk. My chest heaves. I’m so wet I catch a whiff of my own sex. He breathes deep. “You smell good, baby.”
His voice uncoils what’s left of my hesitation and I open up to him, inviting his touch.
He pushes his face between my thighs, planting light kisses across my flesh.
This is what I’ve literally been dreaming about, exactly this, and I’m trembling from the desire and lust that’s overtaken me completely.
His breath is hot on my pussy, not quite touching, not yet. My clit swells with anticipation. The first swipe of his tongue along my slit makes me cry out. He grips my hips and licks me. I hear him groan against my wetness, and it’s almost my undoing. My clit throbs with the need to be sucked and licked. I arch my back in invitation.
He grips my thighs and dives in. His tongue glides along my pussy, making me wetter, hotter, more desperate for his touch. I throw back my head and close my eyes, giving in to this—to him.
“You taste so good,” he rumbles against me.
His voice is low, rough. I have never felt so wanted and sexy. And wet. My God, I’m wet. “Don’t stop,” I whisper.
I lift my hips, pushing his tongue into the folds of my slit. It draws circles around the tiny nub of my sex, licking, and sucking, and flicking with just the right amount of pressure. I grab the edge of the desk and thrash against his mouth. My teeth sink into my lip as I struggle not scream.
The pressure mounts.
I let go of the desk and bury my hands in his hair. I grab a handful and tug, release, tug some more, my grip mimicking the rhythm of his mouth. He licks, sucks, flicks his tongue across my swollen pussy. Jesus, fuck. He’s going to make me come.
I writhe under him, desperate for release.
I’m beginning to pant.
“Come for me,” he says.
I feel the orgasm surging so close. “Don’t stop.” Sweat beads across my brow. “Please, don’t stop.”
His tongue moves like lightening between my thighs. Flicking, sucking, licking. The orgasm hits hard and fast. It surges through my body, sending a tingling vibration through to my toes. The tension drains as I give in to the pleasure.
I arch my back, allowing full access. His mouth closes over me and he sucks, draining every last drop. When at last the vibrations stop, Duke pulls away.
My body goes limp.
It takes all my energy to lift my head off the desk. He sits upright and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. His beard glistens with dewdrops of my release. Those dark bedroom eyes glint with a wickedness that both frightens and thrills me.
I slide off the desk and awkwardly slip my skirt down over my hips. In the haze of my pleasure, confusion begins to swirl. What just happened? I bend to retrieve my discarded panties—another pair for the trash—but Duke gathers them in his fist. “These are mine now.”
I look up at him through hooded lashes, a shy smile playing on my lips. “I’m afraid I’m going to need some new underwear.”
“You may go now,” he says.
My eyes go wide. “Excuse me?”
Duke averts his gaze, and dismisses with a wave of his hand. “Works starts at 8 a.m. tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

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