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The Evil Bloody Girl – Part 3



Download The Evil Bloody Girl – Part 3 – Nigerian Movies 2017 | 2017 Latest Nigerian Movies | family movie



We’ve been married 4 five years now & two kids 2 show,we hav been living fine.
My wife complains dat d home chores are too much 4 her coupled wit her banking job,dat she needs a grown up female house help 2 assist her in d home chores & taking care of d babies but I objected,I want a mariage 4 only she & I,she insisted & brought her younger sister 2 stay wit us,atleast she’s her blood,she can entrust everytin 2 her witout fear.

It’s been so 4d past one year+,bt few months ago,I started noticing changes,I see less of my wife & more of her younger sis daily,her younger sis by name Jane does almost all d home chores including washing my clothes & serving my meals,nowadays she serves me food dressing half naked,doesnt sit properly wen eva it’s only both of us at home,d one dat just happened recently is cuming 2 mak tea 4 me in just a small towel wit almost all her body exposed,I couldnt focus well bt managed 2 face d Tele,suprisingly,purposely or not,her Towel fell off her body infront of me,just totally naked,hmmmm…I couldnt do anytin,I pretended not 2 notice wat happened,she delayed 4 about 2minutes b4 picking d towel & headed 2 her room witout covering her nakedness.
On a chat wit her about a week ago,she quickly chipd in dat she likes a man lik me,dat am caring & etc…bt it seems dat I hate her,dat I dnt appreciate her efforts in d house,I told her dat I do appreciate her gud help 2 her elder sis,she frowned her face,wen askd,she said dat it’s not d sis she’s helping,she is doing all dese 2 mak me happy,hmmm…many oda signs & words dat I couldnt stand,dis one is not dat I couldnt read d handwriting on d wall,bt my wife tot everytin is okay,I want her sister 2 go in order 2 save my marriage,I tried telling my Wife dat I dnt need a helper at home,dat it’s she I need,she said dat I’ve alwaz objected d issue of bringing in a house help,now she brought her sis,I still dnt like her younger sis’ presence.
Sincerely if Jane continues 2 stay wit us,sometin bad mite happen & once d 1st happens,it will b a continues affair & dat will b infidelity on my side,cheating on my wife,bt she dnt see it unsafe wit her younger sis,d truth is dat evryone wil want 2 blame me wen it happens,so I need 2 tak a preventive action.
How can I convince my wife dat Jane has 2 go?
should I enjoy d fun while it last?
**Is it gud 2 kip a grown up female house help at home most especially in a new marriage?**

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