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Fortnite: Where to Find Every Lazy Lake Chest Location Fortnite: Where to Find Every Lazy Lake Chest Location


Fortnite: Where to Find Every Lazy Lake Chest Location



Lazy Lake is one of the locations in Fortnite with the most treasure chests in it. This guide will reveal every possible spawn location.

Lazy Lake is one of the best places to find loot in all of Fortnite. This guide will help players with all the treasure chest spawns in this location. Fortnite  continues to add new locations for each competitive season or adds small bonuses for players with the battle pass. The battle pass allows players to unlock additional content by completing challenges. This content includes new skins, dances, emotes, sprays, and much more. Completing challenges is the best way for players to level up the battle pass as quickly as possible. Not only that but performing well during the battle royale is a vital part of the experience. Here are all the locations of the treasure chests in Lazy Lake.

At the beginning of every match, players must scramble around Fortnite Island to find a weapon and materials to defend themselves with. Named Locations on the map are key for finding valuable loot but also comes with the threat of heavy population from other players. Players can opt to land in a non-Named Location, but will likely struggle to find a good enough weapon or shield potions. In the case of Lazy Lake, it’s right in the middle of these two. While it is a Named Location, it is not one of the more popular ones and loot spawns here fairly frequently. When landing, here are the locations of all the treasure chests in Lazy Lake.

Every Chest Location In Lazy Lake In Fortnite

Lazy Lake has been filled in this season with cement and residential buildings. If players are lucky, they can potentially find up to 20 chests in this one location. Here are all the possible spawn locations of treasure chests in Lazy Lake. When landing, make sure to chest every floor of every building until you hear the chime. In the map above, it gives a general location of where the chests can spawn. If a player is lucky, they can find a chest on each floor per building. This will be a great place to complete the challenges that require the player to unlock a certain amount of treasure chests per game or week.

Fortnite continues to introduced new challenges to the player that pull them back daily and weekly. As the season continues, more players will begin to unlock the higher tier content for the battle pass. Considering the season has just begun, it would be a great time to jump back into the game. This is still one of the best battle royales out there.

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