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Free Jollof Rice (Real House Of Comedy)



Watch and Download this funny comedy video by Real House Of Comedy


I met my Fiancee three years ago, we will be walking up to the alter by the end of the month, but her younger sister will not allow me rest. This I have fought for these 3years without letting my fiancee know about it to avoid bringing quarel b/w sisters.

They are three in the family, two gals and a boy who is 11yrs old, My fiancee is 27, while the younger sister is 25, The younger sister has always been wearing provocative clothes around me, visiting my house at odd hours, she pretends a lot that her sister couldnt notice anything.
Last week, I didnt know how it happened, she kissed me, I allowed the kiss to last for about 20 seconds and pushed her away, warned her never to come to my house unless the elder sister is around, it takes grace to withstand a desperate lady.
She said she loves me, that her sister didnt love me, I laughed over it, thank her anyway and asked her to go, almost wanted to push her out, she said she will go, but I should just clear her with these few questions, I said what questions, she asked if couples are bound to keep secrets from each other? I said it’s not ideal, she said if her sister loves me as she claims, why is she keeping secret from me, I asked what secret, she said it’s not her business but I should ask her who the mother of Tony (their younger Brother) is, my eyes went wide, I asked her what kinda play is that, she said that I can ask her sister and get back to her with the answer I will get.
Why this extreem I asked her, she left and closed the door behind.

I am kinda confused, does that mean that my fiancee is the mother of Tony that I know is their younger brother? He’s 11yrs, that sounds possible, but she hasnt told me, she only told me about her past relationship that lasted only 8months, why didnt she tell me about the child? Should I ask her? What if it’s true, should I go ahead with the wedding? It’s a male child, but does it matter the sex the child is? What if I were the one that has a child outside, will she be able to go ahead with the wedding if she finds out this way?

Please help me out, I am not interested in the younger sister, but dont know if I should go ahead with this marriage, I wouldnt say she lied to me cos I have not asked her, she only hid it from me, should there be secrets in marriage?

If you were in my shoe, what will you do?
Will you marry a guy or lady that has a child already though still single?

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