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How To Get More Bonus Egg Storage in Pokémon GO How To Get More Bonus Egg Storage in Pokémon GO


How To Get More Bonus Egg Storage in Pokémon GO



Pokemon Go recently released a few more egg slots for players to use. This guide will show how players can unlock and use these 3 new slots.

Players can use their Bonus Egg Storage to hatch more Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This guide will show players how they can use this new Bonus Egg Storage. Pokemon Go is currently hosting its most involved Team Rocket event yet. Grunts, Leaders, and Jessie and James are all active in the game to challenge, defeat, and liberate their Shadow Pokemon. One of the new Special Research tasks requires players to bring down Team Rocket in every possible way. While this event is happening, the game also introduced a quality-of-life improvement to help make the game a bit easier on players. Here’s how players can use their Bonus Egg Storage in Pokemon Go.

Originally, players were able to hold 9 eggs at a time. Once one of the eggs hatches, players will be able to collect other eggs from PokeStops or from gifts from friends. As the game continued and more updates were released, players were now able to collect higher km eggs by defeating Team Rocket Leaders and by completing their weekly bonuses. The new Bonus Egg Storage isn’t just an additional 3 slots. These can only be filled in specific ways, making them much different than the original 9 slots in the game. Here’s how players can use the Bonus Egg Storage.

How To Use The Bonus Egg Storage In Pokemon Go

The extra 3 slots for the Bonus Egg Storage is an automatic process. These slots only get filled once the player has a full 9 eggs in their inventory and the eggs in question to fill these slots are the 12km eggs from defeating Team Rocket or the weekly bonus egg that comes with walking every day of the week. Normally, the player wouldn’t be able to collect these eggs, making the bonus egg pointless. Now, players actually have the chance to collect these eggs. Interestingly enough, these eggs are amongst the most valuable in the game, especially the ones that come from Team Rocket. This quality-of-life improvement makes it much easier to hatch several eggs at once.

Pokemon Go has received tons of updates over the last few months. With the introduction of a new level cap, new Kalos Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y, and now the new Bonus Egg Storage, Niantic is putting in the work to make the game as enjoyable as possible. 2021 is right around the corner, meaning the content won’t be stopping any time soon. Pokemon Go is the most enjoyable it has been since its release.

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Pokemon Go is available now on iOS and Android.

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