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How to Unlock Dark World Levels in Super Meat Boy Forever How to Unlock Dark World Levels in Super Meat Boy Forever


How to Unlock Dark World Levels in Super Meat Boy Forever



Players can unlock the Dark World levels of Super Meat Boy Forever by perfecting their speed runs and clearing a level with an A+ rating. Here’s how.

Players can revisit any of their favorite levels of Super Meat Boy Forever at higher difficulty settings by unlocking Dark World Levels. Super Meat Boy Forever is an indie platformer sequel to the well-loved Super Meat Boy, Players control the gelatinous, cubic now-couple Meat Boy and Bandage Girl on their mission to rescue their child, Nugget, who has been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Fetus. Players will need to kick and punch their way through groups of enemies while staying on the platforms and dodging deadly obstacles. As players clear levels, they can repeat them to try and improve their time. If players can go fast enough, they will unlock the Dark World version of that level.

Dark World levels are mostly the same as regular Light World levels, with a few notable exceptions. First, as the name suggests, they are exceptionally dark, making it difficult for players to see obstacles coming their way. Dark World levels are also more difficult, including new and more frequent obstacles. Players can also hear a separate soundtrack for Dark World levels. In Chapter 6, Dr. Fetus even has a Dark World version who is more difficult to beat. Before players can try their hand at the Dark World levels, they will need to unlock each one. Here’s how to unlock Dark World levels in Super Meat Boy Forever.

How To Unlock Dark World Levels In Super Meat Boy Forever

As players complete and clear levels in Super Meat Boy Forever, they will be awarded a rating based on their performance. This usually has to do with how quickly they can complete a level. To unlock the Dark World level for any Light World level, players will need to earn an A+ in that level. This can be particularly difficult, as the times to beat are fairly tight and require players to take advantage of punching and diving to carve the fastest and most direct path through the level.

Players can make note of the time they need to beat to earn their A+ at the top right of the level select screen. If players miss it here, they can also find it during the level in the top-left corner of the screen. The target time will appear next to the player’s current time, along with a tracker to help them note whether they are ahead, behind, or right on target as they progress through the level.

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During the level, players can improve their speed by using the punch function to move faster, which should be done frequently. They should also be sure to avoid collectibles and take as many shortcuts as possible to make it to the end of the level. Players can also take time off their run by using the diving mechanic rather than the falling one when they need to drop down. This will allow them to pick up speed rather than simply floating for a few extra seconds. These small features can cut precious seconds off a run and unlock the Dark World Levels.

Players can also throw their character onto one of the obstacles if it saves time. Dying does not add a penalty to the player’s clock, so if it will help, it may be worth running into difficult obstacles to clear them rather than trying to find creative ways around or wait for an opportunity.

Once players beat the listed time, they should push the X button on Switch, Triangle on PS4, or Y button on Xbox to switch to the Dark World version of that level and try their hand at a more challenging run.

Super Meat Boy Forever is available for Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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