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How to Unlock Prototype Boy in Super Meat Boy Forever How to Unlock Prototype Boy in Super Meat Boy Forever


How to Unlock Prototype Boy in Super Meat Boy Forever



Super Meat Boy Forever features an unlockable character that originates from the game’s early development. Here’s how to unlock Prototype Boy.

Prototype Boy is an unlockable character for Super Meat Boy Forever. This guide will show players how they can unlock him. Super Meat Boy is one of the first indie projects to really find its footing. The original game released back on the Xbox 360 on the Xbox Live Arcade and went on to sell millions of copies. It still remains one of the most challenging and rewarding platformers to ever exist. The game did receive a sequel several years later in the form of Super Meat Boy Forever which functioned more as an auto-scroller when compared to the original where players could control the pace the level went at. Here’s how players can unlock Prototype Boy in Super Meat Boy Forever.

Prototype Boy is the look of Meat Boy when it was first a mobile-spin off title of the original. The game began development back in 2011 for mobile devices officially titled “Super Meat Boy: The Game” but was restarted and transformed into the Super Meat Boy Forever that we know today. The game took about 9 years from its initial conception to release on the Nintendo Switch and Epic Games store. The developer acknowledges the original prototype of the game by making it an unlockable character. This guide will show players how they can unlock it.

How To Unlock Prototype Boy In Super Meat Boy Forever

While Meat Boy and Bandage Girl are unlocked from the beginning, the player will need to collect 3 Pacifiers to unlock Prototype Boy. This is a fairly easy accomplishment since a single Pacifier can be found in almost every level in the game. Within the first world, players should have enough Pacifiers to unlock Prototype Boy. Players may need to get off the beaten path to find these hidden collectibles. There are 90 Pacifiers for players to collect in the game so finding 3 should be easy enough.

Super Meat Boy Forever might not be for everyone, especially those who played the original game. While the auto-scrolling gameplay is fine on its own, it’s a bit challenging to imagine jumping into the game and expecting more of the same. Instead of focusing on tight platforming, the game rewards players with fast reaction times and judging the distance between jumps. It’s a bit jarring but it still captures that same feeling of challenge the original has been known for. With tons of collectables and unlockables to find, this game is well worth a platforming fan’s time.

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Super Meat Boy Forever is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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