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Imo commissioner of happiness speaks amidst criticisms



Newly appointed Imo State commissioner of happiness, Mrs. Ogechi Ololo (nee Okorocha) has defended her new job against criticisms.

Mrs Nkeccki Ololo in an interview with BBC Africa challenged Nigerians condemning Gov. Okorocha , saying the ministry was created to cater for welfare of Imo residents.

According to her, the post will pay school fess of Imo citizens who cannot afford it, amongst other benefits.

She said “Happiness can mean anything to anybody; for some people, happiness means having food on their table, some it’s about schools, some about the roads, some it’s about security

“Here in Imo we have free education, this policy makes people happy by paying for children’s school fees. So that is the policy of happiness and that is part of the ministry of happiness.”

When asked why Okorocha appointed his sister, she added “Okorocha did not create the ministry because I am his sister.

“There are so many people out there that need help, that need our service.
“Happiness can be defined based on individuals reactions.

“This is Imo life and I believe that Imo people are very happy about it.

“It is a new ministry and people don’t understand, so they have the right to ask questions but with time they will definitely understand meaning of commissioner of happiness.”


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