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Monster Hunter: World - Best Mods of 2020 (& How to Install Them) Monster Hunter: World - Best Mods of 2020 (& How to Install Them)


Monster Hunter: World – Best Mods of 2020 (& How to Install Them)



Those who have grown tired of Monster Hunter: World have access of a bunch of mods. This guide shows players how to install the best mods available.

For nearly three years now players have been exploring the beautiful and intense environment of Monster Hunter: World as they attempt to track down and hunt dozens of different creatures. This is the kind of game that was built for players to continue playing over and over again as they try out harder hunts, build a team with other players, and attempt to upgrade the best weapons possible. After all this time though content is running a little dry for most players.

By far the best way to keep a game like Monster Hunter: World feeling fresh is by beefing it up with a few different mods. Mods can do a range of different things like add in new quest content, allow players to obtain items and weapons more easily, or even completely revamp the game’s graphical limitations. Those who find that Monster Hunter: World is beginning to feel a little stale will probably want to start modding whenever they can. This guide shows players the best mods available and how to install them.

Monster Hunter: World – How To Install Mods

Even when a game developer doesn’t officially support modding for its game it is typically pretty simple to do so. Monster Hunter: World is actually one such game it is incredibly easy to do and the modding community has put extensive work into making it work. The first step though for anyone who wants to mod Monster Hunter: World is making their way over to the Nexus Mods website and setting up an account. This will allow players to completely explore the website and download any mod that they wish.

Once signed up for Nexus Mods, the first thing that players will want to download is a mod manager. It just so happens that Monster Hunter: World is one of the few games that is supported by Nexus Mods’ multi-game mod manager, Vortex. Vortex will allow players to browse the site and directly download a mod to their game’s files with no hassle or issues. On top of this whenever players do run into problems, Vortex will immediately pinpoint which mods are causing issues for the game, and will let the player know what they must do to resolve these problems. This is definitely the place to start for beginners.

If for some reason players aren’t able to get Vortex to function on their computer or they would rather not use it, modding can still be a relatively simple process. Almost all mods will come with their own special set of instructions that lay out how they need to be installed. Most of the time players will need to extract the mod files into whichever folder the game’s .exe program resides. This will either replace files in this folder or add to them, so its always a good practice to back up any game that the player wishes to mod.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when modding Monster Hunter: World though. While modding is simple, it is also very easy to mess something up. Players who aren’t careful can wind up corrupting save files or having to completely reinstall the game. Additionally, since Monster Hunter: World has online components players should not use any mods while playing online. Even if said mods do not give them an unfair advantage over other players, they can still risk getting themselves banned Capcom. Best to keep mods in a strictly single-player game.

Monster Hunter: World – Best Mods Available

  • All Items in Shop – Part of the fun of Monster Hunter: World is collecting and crafting all of the powerful weapons that populate the game’s world. Those who have played it several times through may have grown a little bored with trying to track down their favorite weapon again, and want it as soon as they possibly can. This mod adds every single item in the game to the shop, which means that all players have to do is purchase the items they need for crafting or the best supplies for bringing down tough monsters.
  • Doom Eternal X Monster Hunter World – This mod is perfect for those who can’t get enough of Doom Eternal. By adding this mod to the game players are able to hunt a brand new monster: A Marauder. These enemies are known for being one of the most deadly creatures in Doom Eternal, so Monster Hunter  players will need to stay on their toes if they want to defeat it. By killing it players can also wear its armor and take its head as a trophy.
  • Performance Booster and Plugin Extender – While Monster Hunter: World is a very fun game, its performance on PC is a little spotty sometimes. Turns out there are several lines of code in the game’s files that have not been optimized and are actually a detriment to its performance. This mod removes these lines of code and also enables more advanced plugins to run properly. With this installed the game will run much smoother than it ever has before.
  • 1 Zenny Shop – This is another interesting shop mod, but this time rather than adding items it just makes all of the current items only cost one Zenny apiece. This means that players can purchase the most expensive items in the game for basically nothing and get themselves on track to craft all kinds of interesting gear. and armor. Players can also sell certain items for extravagant prices, which enables them to purchase a lot of items.
  • Colorful ReShade – While Monster Hunter: World is a very well-designed game, one of the biggest complaints about its visuals is that its colors tend to look washed out. This mod fixes a lot of those problems by making all of the colors more vibrant.
  • Appearance Editor – This mod will allow the player to adjust the look of both their character and their calico whenever they wish. This effectively gives players access to the entirety of the game’s character creator at any point in time. Fun for those who grow tired of their character, but don’t want to start the game over.
  • Monster Hunter Stories – Some of the best ways to have fun with an old game is to download mods that completely revamp it. This mod overhauls Monster Hunter: World  entirely by allowing the player add monsters to their party as a pet. This new pet is perfect for giving the player an additional partner to their team.
  • Unlimited Consumables – This one is as simple as it sounds. By downloading this mod players will be able to make every single one of their consumables completely unlimited. This includes potions, ammo, and even coatings.
  • Light Pillars for Drops – This alters all of the drops in the game and adds a light pillar to them. This will make drops much easier to see from a distance, and ensures that players won’t lose track of anything that is dropped on the ground.
  • NPC Gathering Hub – This mod is almost a necessity for players as it adds all of the game’s NPCs to the Gathering Hub, which means that players don’t have to leave the hub in order to craft and manage their inventory.

Monster Hunter: World can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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