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Pokémon GO: Distracted by Something Shiny (Research Tasks & Rewards) Pokémon GO: Distracted by Something Shiny (Research Tasks & Rewards)


Pokémon GO: Distracted by Something Shiny (Research Tasks & Rewards)



Distracted by Something Shiny is a special research quest in Pokémon GO that rewards players with several gifts, including a shiny Celebi.

Every so often, Pokémon GO will have special research tasks for its player base to partake in. These multi-part quests reward players with resources and guaranteed Pokémon encounters should they fulfill each objective. With the Distracted by Something Shiny event, trainers will have a chance to capture the legendary Celebi. This Grass and Psychic-type came from the Johto region and is capable of traveling through time. It will only appear during peaceful times, causing plant life in nearby forests to grow lush and prosperous. Not only is this mythic entity coming for free, unlike other legendaries, but it will always be a shiny.

Coming across a shiny is rare in any installment in the series, and in Pokémon GO the chances are even slimmer! Trainers looking to add to this mythical forest guardian to their team, or record it for their Pokédex, will not want to pass up this opportunity. Here are all the tasks players need to complete each part of the special research quest, and what gifts they’ll receive after doing so.

Distracted By Something Shiny Details

There are no prerequisites needed to begin the research, so players of any level rank or experience can hop right in. To check on the current progress for each objective, press the binoculars in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Part 1

  • Catch 10 Grass Types for a Nuzleaf encounter.
  • Evolve three Grass Types for a Cottonee encounter.
  • Transfer 10 Pokémon to Professor Willow to earn 20 ultra balls.
  • For completing all these requirements, players gain 1000 experience, 500 stardust, and encounter a Diglett.

Part 2

  • Feed your buddy 10 treats for a Cherubi encounter.
  • Play with them 10 times for a free poffin.
  • And take a snapshot of a Grass-type for a Combee encounter.
  • Fulfilling part 2’s quests will reward trainers with 1000 more experience, 500 more stardust, and encounter with a Pinsir.

Part 3

  • Hatch three eggs for a Whimsicott.
  • Perform 5 great throws to find a Hoothoot.
  • Defeat the Team Rocket duo to receive 4 max revives.
  • Once again, those that complete these tasks will be rewarded with 1000 experience, 500 stardust, and this time, the Dragon-type Vibrava.

Part 4

This final part has no tasks to complete, other than accepting the Oddish, Foongus, and 500 experience. After doing so, players will collect the regular 1000 experience and 500 stardust they’ve come to expect, and an encounter with the rare shiny Celebi. Before accepting the quest, be sure to have enough Pokéballs to capture it with, and berries to improve its catch rate.

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Pokémon GO is available on mobile devices.

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