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Professor JohnBull – Episode 5 (A Good Flavour)



In the 5th episode of Professor Johnbull, Glo-sponsored TV drama series, the erudite academic slams arrogant star artistes and wannabes who allow fame and success to adversely affect their social relations.
The latest episode of the popular television drama series, titled A Good Flavour features star highlife crooner, Chinedu Okojie, popularly known as Flavour who visits the intellectual to request a favour.
Though Flavour attempts to make his visit to the academic’s abode absolutely private and ‘’without the usual drama of his entire crew’’, the professor’s household still feels awe-struck as Caro (Mercy Johnson-Okojie), Churchill (Junior Pope) and Elizabeth (Queen Nwokoye) exhibit different reactions upon sighting the star artiste in their residence.
Why exactly did Flavour pay the visit to the professor? What endears him to the household of the professor? What is the involvement of Churchill in the whole drama? What moral lessons did the professor bring out of the visit? These are some of the posers which the comical and exciting episode will answer. Download video below:



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As a man, how far can your wife, gal, partner push you to raise your hand on her?

How can you avoid a situation where the woman couldnt rest from making the room hot?

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