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Retaliation – Part 5 [Download Latest 2018 Nigerian Nollywood Movie]



A revenge move is made of a grieving family after the loss of their own. With a no holds barred confrontaion, and “No Cease Fire” contest, they storm the marriage ceremony of their offender to create chaos.

Download “Retaliation – Part 5” below:-


My wife is so glued to her phone that her phone is taking more of her time that she will even be cooking and be chatting. Social Network is keeping her company that her primary assignments at home are left undone.

I leave house between 5am and 6am daily, come back by 9pm and above. I have little time to spend at home, I always wanna make it worthwhile, she goes to work too and comes back by 4pm. But anytime I am back from work, she will focus on her phone that sometimes she forget that I need to eat, she will even sometimes wait for me to come back by the late hours before preparing dinner (That is not a problem though), but she wont concentrate on what she’s doing cos she will be cooking and chatting, the food will either get burnt or something will happen. The time we are supposed to spend and gist, she will be glued with her phone chatting. I wonder who she’s chatting with that is taking much of her time when her hubby is around.

I have no reason pokenosing into her phone, but she’s using it to inconvinience me making me feel like a stranger in my house. I will rush home after work to meet my darling wife, but her attention will be channelled to her phone. I have adviced her, cautioned her, shouted, got angry, but to no avail. Siezing her phone to me seems to be over authoritative to one’s wife or over reaction, please help me, how can I control this social network madness in my home.

Please I need advice from married men and women, if your spouse is more focused to his/her phone than u, what will you do?
Will you be happy over it?

Single Ladies, if you visit your guy and he’s so focused on his phone not withstanding the hours you will spend in his house, how will you feel?

Single Guys, anytime your gal visits you or you both are on a date, and she’s so glued to her phone and be chatting all through the time both of you will spend, how will you feel and what will be your reaction?

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