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The Best Activities To Do With Friends in GTA Online The Best Activities To Do With Friends in GTA Online


The Best Activities To Do With Friends in GTA Online



There is so much to do in GTA Online. This guide will provide a substantial list of content and activities players should do with their friends.

Messing around in Los Santos with a good group of friends is the best way to experience GTA Online. This guide will help players with activities to do with their friends while online. The best part of GTA Online is outside of all the main content they give players with extra heists and missions, a big part of the enjoyment is making your own adventures. Los Santos and the neighboring areas are a massive open world for players to explore and create their own memories in. The best way to experience the game is with a solid group of 4 players (it’s much easier to get everyone into a car this way). Here are some things players can do to enjoy their time with friends in Los Santos.


Since the pandemic began, many used the realism of GTA Online to reconnect with friends who are far away. Players can participate in a variety of sports, bar games, racing missions, and stealing from an entire tropical island if they feel like that’s what they need to do on a Sunday night. The best way to experience the game is with friends by your side. Here are a ton of activities players can do with their friends.

The Best Activities To Do With Friends In GTA Online

This works best with a group of 4 players. Any more will make it complicated to get around and build those solid relationships.

  • Heists: This is the most obvious. Players can alternate roles in heists missions, allowing for much replayability. Not only that, but the payout is pretty good for the less fortunate friends in the party.
  • Sports: Players can play a game of Tennis or Golf with their friends. The real enjoyment isn’t really the sports themselves, but role-playing the characters and how they would react to losing. The real fun is getting into the moment.
  • Street Races: Players can face off against one another on tracks all around the city. This is a good way to prove your dominance against your friends.
  • Go For A Hike: Explore the more rural areas to the north of the city. Players can make their way to Mt. Chiliad and drive down as fast as possible. This usually never goes well but is extremely entertaining with some buddies.
  • Go Sightseeing: Considering GTA Online’s entire city is based in Los Angeles, the city does have tons of landmarks to explore. Head over to the Vinewood sign, take a trip to the Santa Monica Pier, and even crash a party at the Playboy Mansion.
  • Adversary Modes While not every Adversary Mode is a diamond, there is a small handful that should be played with friends. Hunting Pack requires players to stop a van in order for it to explode, Hasta La Vista pits bicycles against monster trucks, and Overtime Rumble will bring players to crash their cars into a giant dartboard for points. It’s always a good time.

GTA Online is just a platform for the endless amount of fun players can have. The game continues to add new content for its players to enjoy. It is still one of the most played games of the last 2 generations.

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