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The Fastest Way To Delete Friends on PlayStation The Fastest Way To Delete Friends on PlayStation


The Fastest Way To Delete Friends on PlayStation



PlayStation does not allow players to bulk delete their friends at once. Although, this guide will show the fastest way to delete friends on PS4/PS5.

Trying to clear out that cluttered friends list on PlayStation 5? This guide will help with the fastest way for players to delete friends on PSN. From the PlayStation 3 to the recently released PlayStation 5, players have been able to maintain the same account throughout the generations. Throughout the years, players may have accumulated friends from all around the world, several different game types, or people they may never speak to again. With the PlayStation 5 finally here, players might want to clean up that list a bit to focus on the players with who they actually play games still to this date. This guide will show how players can quickly clear out their friend’s list on PlayStation.

There are a few methods to delete friends on PSN. For starters, players can do it from their PS4 or PS5 by entering their friend’s list and individually deleting each player. Sony currently does not have a method to mass delete friends all at once. It can be an incredibly time-consuming process (especially on the slower UI of the PS4) to go through your friend’s list and remove everyone. Although, there is a way to make the experience a bit less painful than doing it on the console. Here’s how players can delete friends on PlayStation fast.

The Fastest Way To Delete Friends On PlayStation

Other outlets may suggest to do it on the PlayStation website, but when visiting this page, the friend’s list is usually unavailable, making it impossible to delete your friends. There is another way though. All the player needs is a smartphone. Here’s how players can delete friends rapidly in seconds.

  • Step 1: From your smartphone, download the PS App on either iOS and Android.
  • Step 2: Once it’s done downloading, log into the app with your PlayStation credentials. Players should now have access to all things PlayStation from their phones.
  • Step 3: Click the friend icon on the top-right hand side of the screen.
  • Step 4: Select the friend you wish to delete.
  • Step 5: Click the “Friends” logo.
  • Step 6: Select “Remove as Friend” and confirm.
  • Step 7: Repeat.

It only takes about 4-5 seconds to go through each person’s name to delete them. This process is much faster than the consoles and PC. Take a few minutes out of your day to clear out those old friends you don’t play with anymore. Now, players can fully enjoy the next generation with a clean and organized list of peers they can play with.

PlayStation 5 is available now.

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