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Do You Think Davido And Wizkid Will Do A Collaboration In 2018?



So we all know the rift that is between Davido and Wizkid when it comes to music, these duo have never been on good terms in the history of entertainment in Nigeria. It is like saying the opposite of Wizkid is Davido and Vice Versa.

Towards the end of 2017, Wizkid and Davido has been sweeping entertainment awards like it’s their right, both locally and internationally, that even drew the attention of dignitaries in Nigeria to congratulate these guys, so we can confidently say they are doing well individually.

But what baffles me is that these guys behave like “arc enemies” & sometimes these young lads take selfies together, board same flight and share pictures of them all smiling and laughing with each other, or could this be publicity stunt ?

Davido even came out recently to make it clear to everyone that he isn’t in any fight with anybody. In his words ‘I no dy fight anybody ooo!’. He said it shortly after claiming the future award for Music 2017.

Now if they can be strong individually in the entertainment sector, imagine them coming together and dropping a single, Mehnnn! This sure will be a banger.

….so the question is :

Do You Think Davido And Wizkid Will Do A Collaboration In 2018?

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