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Where to Find Car Parts in Fortnite: Season 5 (Week 2 Challenge) Where to Find Car Parts in Fortnite: Season 5 (Week 2 Challenge)


Where to Find Car Parts in Fortnite: Season 5 (Week 2 Challenge)



Fortnite Season 5 Week 2 requires players to find Car Parts around the map. This guide will reveal where players can find these Car Parts.

Players will need to find Car Parts in Fortnite. This guide will assist players in the exact locations to find them for this Week 2 Challenge. Fortnite continues to add new challenges to the game every week to keep players entertained and occupied. This time around, the list of challenges available is populated differently depending on what the player has already accomplished. In order to unlock more challenges, the player will need to complete the challenges they already have available. This is a great way to keep players accountable for the types of challenges they need to complete. This guide will help players complete one of the new challenges for Week 2 by explaining where to find the Car Parts.

The biggest reason to log in every week to complete challenges is to try and reach the max tier of the battle pass. Completing levels in the battle pass allows players to unlock skins, dances, emotes and sprays that they can use during the battle royale. One of the most popular skins this season is from the Mandalorian Disney+ series. Players can also unlock a special Kratos skin from the God of War series. Completing all the challenges is key to getting all the good stuff towards the end of the battle pass. Here’s where players can find the Car Parts for this challenge.

Car Parts Location In Fortnite (Week 2 Challenge)

There are 3 different Car Parts players need to find to complete this challenge. Two of these Car Parts can be found to the west of Dirty Docks right near the river. They will be at Compact Cars. The final piece can be found at Dirty Docks itself. It is located inside of a blue storage container. Break it down to find the Car Park waiting on the ground. Collecting these will complete the challenge. Although, be careful when exploring these areas. Players who also plan to complete these challenges will populate these areas, meaning the player might have a hard time finding the Car Parts without getting into a fight.

Fortnite will continue to provide new challenges every week for players to complete. Aiming for tier 100 is the ultimate goal for the season and one of the hardest things to do outside of getting a victory royale. Players will need to be dedicated and complete as many challenges as possible to make it to the top of the battle pass. Otherwise, once the season ends, all the goodies for this battle pass will be gone forever. Now is the best time to jump back into the game.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android.

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