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Where to Find Snowmando Outposts in Fortnite (Operation Snowdown) Where to Find Snowmando Outposts in Fortnite (Operation Snowdown)


Where to Find Snowmando Outposts in Fortnite (Operation Snowdown)



Operation Snowdown features challenges that require players to find Snowmando Outposts. This guide will show where they can find them in Fortnite.

Operation Snowdown is here in Fortnite. This guide will help players locate the various Snowmando Outposts hidden around the map. With the Winter season here and the Holiday feeling soaring through the air, Epic Games is celebrating in their own way. Recently, a snow-based update was implemented into the game, altering the map in the southeastern region, covering various mountains with blankets of snow. Here, players are able to encounter Snowmando, an NPC that will provide players with various quests and missions. Now, challenges can be completed for Operation Snowdown. In order to finish them, the player will need to find Snowmando’s Outpost. There are several of them hidden around the map for players to find. Here are all the locations of Snowmando’s Outpost in Fortnite.

Considering season 5 is currently on its third week, challenges are beginning to ramp up for players. For those who are completing challenges, the challenge list will populate with new challenges once the older ones are done. There are three challenges players will need to complete at Snowmando’s Outpost.

  • Visit different Snowmando outposts (0/1)
  • Search chests at Snowmando outposts (0/5)
  • Deal damage at Snowmando outposts (0/25)

Players will need to head to these locations to complete these tasks. Here’s where players can find each Snowmando Outpost.

Every Snowmando Outpost Location In Fortnite (Operation Snowdown)

There are a total of 5 different locations players can find Snowmando Outposts. This map will reveal the locations of every Snowmando Outpost in Fortnite. Players will want to head to these locations at the start of the match since that is the best chance for players to encounter other players. For the final (and most challenging) challenge being dealing with damage at Snowmando Outposts, players will want to quickly find a weapon as soon as possible and get ready for combat. From experience, the best Snowmando Outpost to land would be the one near Pleasant Park. Pleasant Park is already a hotspot for players to land so now with this outpost here, it makes it much easier to complete the challenge.

Fortnite continues to be one of the biggest battle royale titles out there. Considering the season still has several weeks to continue before it’s over, now is the best time to jump into the game. The Snowmando challenges also won’t be around for too long so this is a great chance to jump on and gain tons of experience from this limited challenge. Enjoy the Winter season by giving Snowmando a visit.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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