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Where to Find The Sweaty Sands Gnomes in Fortnite Where to Find The Sweaty Sands Gnomes in Fortnite


Where to Find The Sweaty Sands Gnomes in Fortnite



Players will need to find 3 Gnomes located in Sweaty Sands to complete this challenge in Fortnite. This guide will show players where they are.

Players will need to find the Gnomes of Sweaty Sands in Fortnite to complete the challenge. This guide will help players locate all of the Sweaty Sands Gnomes. The newest season of Fortnite is finally here and comes along with a new battle pass for players to level up. Last season, players were treated with a crossover event with Marvel Comics, allowing players to unlock skins of their favorite superheroes and villains. Now, the game is a bit more grounded this season as players have hung out their capes and tights. Also, players can unlock a skin from the Mandalorian, one of Disney+’s biggest series right now. One of the challenges requires players to find three gnomes in Sweaty Sands. This guide will reveal their locations.

For starters, this challenge might not appear for every player. Challenges are cycling out between players to keep the list of challenges available fresh and clean. If it is not available from the start, players can complete challenges on their list currently to unlock more challenges down the line. Once it does appear, players will want to complete this challenge to unlock more experience points for the battle pass. This unlocks more skins, dances, emotes, and other neat cosmetics for players to express themselves within the game. Here’s where players can find all three Sweaty Sands Gnomes.

Sweaty Sands Gnomes Locations In Fortnite

As mentioned, this challenge might not appear for everyone on their list. To get it to pop up, complete the challenges the player already has available. Players will be able to find Sweaty Sands in the northeastern area of the map, directly below Coral Castle. Once arriving, here’s where players will be able to find all three gnomes.

  • Gnome 1: The first gnome can be found directly under the last “S” of “Sweaty Sands” and it will be at Hotel 23. At the entrance, turn right to find it hidden in the grass behind a palm tree.
  • Gnome 2: From the first gnome, head to the center of Sweaty Sands, right in-between both the world “Sweaty” and “Sands” to find the gnome hidden behind a blue dumpster.
  • Gnome 3: From the second gnome, head down to the beach and go under the docks. The final gnome will be right next to a rock right before entering the water.

Collecting all three gnomes will complete this challenge. Fortnite will continue to release new challenges for the rest of the season. The battle pass is the true way to experience the game with all of its unique content. Fortnite  still remains one of the most popular battle royale titles out there.

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